5 best exercise to increase height naturally at home

If you have a desire to grow tall and add some inches to your health, naturally through exercises. Height plays an important role in the life of the person. Nowadays, a number of medicines are available which claim height gain. But they are expensive and also have side effects. And there is also no guarantee of these.

The best way to increase height is doing natural exercises with the daily routine. Proper exercise helps in strengthening muscles, releasing the growth hormones and make you fit. By stretching your body, HGH comes in a process which stimulates the body for better work, which will increase your body height.


The best exercise for increasing the height and making your body fit is swimming. According to researchers swimming stretch your every part of the body which helps you in increasing height. Making swimming as a routine is the best thing.

Swimming stimulates the cells in the body give flexibility to the body. At every corner, the muscles are pricked. This stimulation makes it easier to increase height naturally. At least 2 hours of daily swimming is necessary to increase your height.


  2.Hanging Exercise

Hanging is the another best way to increase height. Hanging increase the endurance of your arms. it is like hanging is communicating with all the upper body muscles. You can easily hang on any pole. Just need to wrap the lower legs and hand downwards to increase the stamina of your legs too. Repeating this renders you will be free of extra body fat. The height ultimately looks enhanced, when your body is toned.

  3.Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is not just a fun game but also a fun way to grow taller.  it involves a lot of jumping which vibrates the cells to work faster. Each single muscle becomes active when you do jumping. It is the ideal way for a streamlined growth and for the fit body. Your muscles will build through out the jumping and will increase the growing cell. Do this exercise daily to see the better results.

  4.Super Cobra Stretch

This pose resembles that of a serpent. This exercise begins with lying on your tummy, and slowly lift up your upper body as it can be beer. Like bending your hips, bring your body to an inverted V position. Bend as much as your body allows. This exercise increases the growing capabilities of cells. After doing this return to the original position. Do this exercise last for 10 to 20 seconds.


  5.Forward Spine Stretch

This exercise is a simple and also effective one for the articulation of spine. Just sit with your legs out straight on the floor.  Your legs should be extended about the shoulder and your feet should be flexed. Inhale deeply and feel the breath and do relax your shoulders and bend your spine. While doing so, bend forward and try to touch the tips of your toes.

If you can touch this, then you can try stretching even more to keep your spine. This may appear to be difficult at the start, but through regular practice, the position can be achieved.

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