5 best ways to get rid of dark underarms at home

Are you feeling frustrated and embarrassed because of your dark underarms? Or you scared of raising your hands in the public place when you are wearing sleeveless shirts? But you do not worry here is the best tips in this article, you will find 5 best natural remedies in which you will get rid of dark underarms at home in a week.

Causes of Dark underarms

The main causes of dark underarms are

  • excessive sweating
  • accumulation of dead skin cells
  • shaving
  • regular use of hair removing creams
  • poor ventilation of underarms
  • Use of deodorants


Lemon is the natural bleaching agent. Lemon is used on any parts of the body for whitening and lightening the skin. Lemon juice can be used for underarms too. Lemon contains antiseptic agents which help in whitening the underarms. All you just have to do just cut the lemon in two pieces and take a half part of the lemon and rub a slice of the lemon one your armpits against it. And leave it for 15 minutes then wash it off. Apply this every day and you will get rid of under arms in a week. But keep in mind that lemon dries out the skin so apply some moisturizing cream or any body lotion on your underarms.


Potatoes contain acid which removes the dark spots from the skin. Potatoes are just like lemon. And they are the bleaching agent too. Its purpose is to clean and white the skin ton so it is best to use it for underarms. Potatoes contain the mild portion of acid which is beneficial for whitening the skin. Just take a slice of potato and rub it on your underarms and leave it for 30 minutes. Or you can blend the potato and apply the paste on your underarms. it is also best for all kind of skin.


If you think cucumber can just help in removing dark circles so you are wrong. You can also get rid of black underarms by using cucumber. Rub a slice of cucumber on the underarms daily. Rub the slice for 20 minutes and then wash it. you can also squeeze the cucumber with lemon juice or with honey for the best result. Cucumber makes your skin fresh and soft and it will remove the harshness of the underarms.

 4.Baking soda

baking soda is also a natural and unique bleaching agent. And it has not any side effects. It removes the dead skin and whitening your skin. For using it on under arms. make a thick paste of baking soda with the small amount of water and apply the paste on underarms and leave it to dry about 15 minutes but also rub the paste with your finger tips. Then wash it with luke warm water. you will see the difference in a week but you have to do this daily for the best result.

 5.Coconut oil

For removing the black skin or dark spots from the skin, you have to moisturize your affected area daily.

Coconut oil is also the best moisturizer. It is the best and natural and healthy remedy. So give the best result if you use this remedy every day. Do massage with some coconut oil on your underarms about 10 to 15 minutes before taking bath.  Coconut oil moisturizes the skin in a way which the dead skin remove naturally and give you fresh and whitening skin. In a week you will get rid of dark underarms without any side effects

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