5 Best Ways to Stop Heavy Breathing

Most of us complain about shortness of breath which is the very common problem. Shortness of breath means you are having difficulty while breathing and feeling suffocated which is medically known as dyspnea.

Breathlessness can be moderate or severe. people who face anxiety and stress so it makes the condition worse for them.

Another problem comes heavy breathing. Normal breathing is good but when you find that you are breathing more than normal so then you have to take care of it. Heavy breathing is also known as tachypnea which means you are taking the breath more than 20 times. But here we have bought the 5 best solutions for you to control your breath.

Common Causes of Heavy Breathing

  • Allergies

When your body gets irritated because of energy. in case you allergies you are facing from pollen, dust or some problem with lungs or bronchial tubes. Which cause swelling that can lead to heavy breathing.

  • Asthma

Asthma is a condition where you face problem in breathing. it is similar to the allergy. Asthma cause temperature, stress and also make problem in sleeping which causes the snoring.

  • Cardiovascular ailment

Cardiovascular ailment causes disease which affects the body. In the result, it will affect the breathing. And you will also notice the change in your heart rate that gives the heavy breathing.

  • Smoking

Lungs are coated with tiny hair called villi. The heat and chemical of smoke burn the villa and damage the lungs. in the result, it makes problem in breathing and causes a continual cough.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • Obesity

The heart pumps in a normal way but when it pumps faster than normal so the lungs need to pull extra duty which in result cause the heavy breathing.

Natural Treatments for Heavy Breathing

 1.Change Your Sleep Position.

Lying on back side makes your tongue soft and collapse the back wall of your throat in result it causes the vibration sound during sleep. So sleeping on the side prevent you from heavy breath.

 2.Take an extra pillow called Body Pillow.

It is proved by researchers that take an extra pillow for the body will reduce your chance of heavy breathing. Place a pillow on your back side or place it between legs will prevent you from heavy breathing. And it will help you in normal breathing.

 3.Treat your allergies.

Allergies and asthmas are considered the main cause of heavy breathing. And they are treated with some medication. Allergies minimize the immune response and make it ease in inflammation.

While in asthma, taking inhalers deliver the steroids that clear the air way. Steroids are also used for the treatment of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and in oxygen therapy.

 4.Lose your Weight.

Sometimes heavy breathing is caused by tiredness. But some face the problem who has more weight than normal. But sometimes thin people also face heavy breathing.

If you have gained weight and started heavy breathing or snoring after gaining the weight then it will help you in reducing the snoring. Because when you gain weight around your neck so it squeezes the internal diameter of the throat and which makes problem in breathing.

 5.Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol reduces the resting tone of the neck muscles and in the back of the throat. in the result, you will more snore. Drinking alcohol will make your snoring worse and will disturb your sleep.

Researcher says, when you do not snore normally then you will snore after drinking alcohol.

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