5 Natural Ways to Lighten Dark Lips in a Week

The thickness of the skin on the lips is totally like dead skin which is like on the face parts. The lips are to be naturally pink in the underlying tissues.

Dark lips depend on a number of factors such as mechanical, skin disorders, chemical or lifestyle factors. The top causes of dark lips are too much exposure of lips to sunlight, smoking and chewing tobacco and high amount of bad quality products. They are some allergic reactions some diseases like dermatitis, lentigo, anemia, and cyanosis.

it also causes with low-quality skin products and cosmetics. some individuals have the hormonal issue which can also cause a dark skin formation around the mouth.

Here are ways to how to get rid of dark lips.

 1.Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is very effective in many ways. it is well known in the treatment for lightening the dark spots on the face and on the body parts, also a removal of acne scars. Similarly lemon is also best for lightening the dark lips naturally.

You need a fresh lemon, squeeze the juice of the lemon and apply it on your lips before going to bed. you can also cut the lemon in two pieces and apply the half part of lemon on your lips.

It is also used in a scrub way. its best work is it removes the dead skin. For best result squeeze the lemon juice and take a small amount of sugar. Mix the both ingredients and apply it on your lips with your finger and then rub the mixture on lips smoothly in a circular motion. Use this before going to bed and leave it over night. you will notice the difference in two days.


Pomegranate is the best option for lighting the darkness of lips. it also keeps your lips moisturized and hydrated it all the day. For use, make a paste with a small amount of crushed pomegranate and mix it with rose water and add a little amount of milk or cream.

You can mix pomegranate juice for best result with carrot juice which will light the dark part of your lips overnight. Carrot juice is known as natural bleaching. Try this is the best way to get rid of dark lips.

 3.Cucumber Slices

Cucumber Slices has thousands of benefits. it is a natural tip for lightening the skin tone. As you know that it is best for dark circles, removing of spots from a skin and it gives freshness to skin and to eyes. For use, just take a slice of cucumber and rub it gently against your lips before going to bed. Because your lips will take enough time to absorb the juice of cucumber for working properly.

 4.Drinking Water

Drink more and more water as you can. it not only removes the darkness of your lips but will also glow your skin and will give you a fresh look. it is also best in hydrating your body. You can drink hot and cold both water for the best result because it can easily dehydrate your body. Lips can easily become dry because it contains the thinnest skin. So drink sufficient amount of water which will save you all the diseases and also from the dark lips.

 5.Baking Soda and Water Mixture

Baking soda is also the best option for removing the dead skin. Make a paste of baking soda just mix the baking soda with the small amount of water and apply the paste on your lips in circular motion. you can also mix any lip balm, coconut oil or olive oil in baking soda for a more effective result. Leave the mixture over night and you will get baby soft lips overnight.

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