7 Best Leg Day Workouts For weight loss at Home

Nowadays everyone is looking for effective exercise for best leg workout which also lost the weight at home. But what are the best fat burning leg exercises that can do at home? Here we will show you leg exercise which will not only lose your weight but will also strengthen your legs. These leg exercises will challenge your body and generate the energy and will stringent your upper and lower body.

10 best leg workout.

Now it’s time to jump in and get started with these best leg exercise at home for burning the fat. Keep in mind that for best result you have to do it daily. And for fat loss and strength result choose a weight that will help you more in burning the fat.


Squats are the best fundamental lower body exercise. they are totally equal jumping and sprinting. the more you squat the more you lose weight and will power your legs. Squats are highly beneficial for burning the fat easily and lower the muscles. Use weight during exercise which will make your legs stronger, slimmer, firmer.

 2.Front Squats

This is best lower body exercise. Front squats are more favorably on the front of your shoulders,  lower the stress on your back. They are the most challenging exercises you will hard to attempt but they are most effective exercise. Also, do a few crunches and see the result. The more your muscles are working the more you are burning the fat and calories.

 3.Forward-Backward Lunges

This exercise seems the most traditional exercise. There you have to do lunges backward, get down into your lunge, and then push forward and backward. do this in repeat. It is also a challenging exercise you will get to know when you start this exercise you feel your legs on fire. But it is the best exercise for burning weight and straining the muscles of legs.


What an amazing exercise for burning the fat and strengthening the muscles. if you want a body of steel, solid lower back, and a perfect body then deadlifts are the best option you must have to try. Because they strengthen all of your lower body muscles. You will feel huffing and puffing after the deadlifts exercise because it is the good sign of burning the calories.

 5.Glute Ham Raises

Weakness comes when people sit all the day in result it tight and weak the hamstrings. This can also give a lower back problem.

One of the best ways to avoid problems of back and weakness of body is doing to exercise like Glut Ham Raises, which will make you strong and will burn your fat. At the start, you will feel challenging but when you get to use it it is the easiest exercise at all. You will be amazed of the result with the incredible leg exercises which tighten your lower back and your legs.

 6.Elevated Hip Thrusters

The coolest part of this exercise is this you can do this using your sofa or your table if you do not have a gym ball. this exercise is the advance but it is the perfect for legs. It is the another exercise which directly targets your back which means it gives strength to your body especially to back side and to your legs. And in the result, it will burn your tummy fat.


 7.Step Ups

Doing step ups in the morning will charm your personality, it is easy for all the exercise you just need to take some weight and to step up your legs and pause it for few seconds then come to the normal position and start with another leg. it is the best exercise in the record.

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