7 best ways to whitening your teeth naturally at home

If you are one of them who are in love with coffee, tea, smoking and those things which make teeth yellow or your teeth seems yellow? About 35%% of people always report about yellow teeth. Having white teeth is very important in our daily life.

Your teeth are the first thing people notice and they are also a sign of good health and good care. White teeth make a beautiful smile. Here is another sad story who do brush daily but their teeth are yellow. If you want to make the best impression on someone but your teeth are yellow, so you do not have to worry about it, Here we have a solution for you.

Yellow teeth are like wrinkles, many people fight with it. Yellow teeth usually occur due to staining which deeper and deeper with time.

Yellow teeth reasons.

Drinking Coffe tea.

Breathing through your mouth

Suffering from dry mouth

Eating a poor diet

Smoking cigarettes

Antibiotic Use

Genetic Factors

1.Eat an apple a day

The best sentence everyone knows about apple, that an apple a day keeps a doctor away. here we will say that an apple away keeps a dentist away. Apple contains Vitamin C and absorption which remove the plaque and debris. Scientist says, Ascorbic acid is a natural compound which is an apple, so for keeping your teeth white is to eat an apple a day.

It has a whitening effect and apple are high in Vitamin C which keeps the teeth strong and makes them healthy and bright.

 2.Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut oil is used for whitening teeth. Using coconut oil make the teeth white and healthy. Use coconut oil after brush. Simply put a full spoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish your teeth for five to fifteen minutes. or you can add coconut oil on your toothbrush and brush the teeth.

Coconut oil contains antimicrobial properties which help in protecting and cleaning the gums and as well make them healthy. This therapy is natural and safe and has no side effects.


 3.Lemon or Orange Peels

The trick of whitening teeth is lemon or orange peels. Which not only makes the teeth white but keep them secure from gums. Lemon or orange peels are overall healthy and are beneficial for digestion. using lemon or orange peel on your teeth will whiten your teeth and will remove the brown spots from it.

 4.Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular ingredient in every commercial toothpaste. which has natural whitening properties. it can scrub away the stain on teeth. it also prevents bacteria from growing or making them strong.

Using it, it will give you 100% result. For using this remedy,  mix 1 spoon of baking soda with 2 spoons of water and brush your teeth with the paste. You have to do this two times in a week and in few days you will get a fantastic result.

 5.Eat strawberries and some other healthy foods

strawberries contain many useful antioxidants and other best compounds that can increase the health of your teeth and make them white. Just smashed up four or five strawberries and rub it on your teeth then wash it after 3 minutes.

Other healthy foods which can help in whitening teeth are Raw milk and yogurt, Mushrooms, sweet potatoes, carrot, eggs, walnuts or almonds.

 6.Use hydrogen peroxide

Another best way for white teeth is to use a bit of hydrogen peroxide. it helps in whitening and brightening the teeth. Every dentist recommends hydrogen peroxide. it breaks the teeth gums and prevents them from diseases.

 7.Brush your teeth after eating

The best way to whiten your teeth naturally is to brush your teeth after mean. This takes a lot of persistence and may be difficult. And try to more drink more water except drinking coffee or tea. Most food contains gums and stain attacking bacteria which damage your teeth. if you do brush after mean it will help you in strong teeth. and will make your teeth shine and bright.

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