7 Best Yoga Poses To Lose Belly Fat For Women

The fat belly can be really irritating. maybe You can do daily exercise and do healthy diet, but sometimes stubborn belly fat your body holds on it. only doing Yoga can not eliminate the body fat but along with this, you have to do some simple exercise and reject the junk food and harmful chemical food which can boost up your belly fat.

 1.Cobra Posture

The best pose for yoga and fitness is Cobra posture. this cobra pose can strengthen the muscles and help to reduce the belly fat.  it will also help in tightening the upper body muscles and helps in creating your body strong and more flexible and especially the spine. for performing this pose.


 2.Bow Posture

This bow pose strengthens the muscles and reduces the belly fat quickly. for performing this lie on your stomach and stretched our your arms then bend the knees and try to reach your arms back from the ankles side and try to with hands to hold your legs. try to hold this for 30 seconds and come to your normal position. repeat this 5 times in a row for 15 to 30 seconds daily. it will give a quick result.


 3.Wind Easing Posture

wind easing pose will help you in back pain. it will reduce your back pain and will tighten your back muscles.  it also balances the PH level and enhance on metabolism and improve stomach health. for performing this pose lie on your back side, stretched the both legs and your arms. it will be stretched in the position where it touched each other and then bend the knees and bring them towards the chest. then apply the pressure with your hands and tighten it. breath deeply and hold this for 50 to 80 seconds. then come back to your real position and continue this 5 times with at least 15 seconds of rest.


Board is an easy pose to perform, it helps in burning the fat of belly and also strengthening your shoulders, arms, back, and hips.

to performing this start with your hands, straighten your knees and try to stand on your hands. straight your whole body and do not bend it anywhere. make sure that your neck is also straight like your body. and your body will look like a straight line. Hold this for 30 seconds. repeat this pose five times for 30 seconds and take a break of 10 seconds between each pose.

 5.Seated Forward Bend

This one is the basic pose of yoga. For doing this pose, sit on the floor and stretch your legs out and stretch your hands above your head with bending your elbows and bend forward and bring your hands down and try to touch the toes. your head should be on your knees.

being bigger you can touch your knees then go the toes. once you touch the toes hold them. breath in, hold your tummy. try to maintain this position for 20 to 30 seconds then slowly increase the time to 90 seconds if possible. then bring your body upward and take some rest for 5 seconds and continue this pose again for 10 times.


 6.Boat Pose

That pose will guaranty you for a slim belly. But you have to do this regularly. first, lie down on the floor and stretch your legs out and arms at your side. Breath deeply and sit then left your chest upward and raise your feet from the floor. hold this pose for at least 30 seconds.

your hands should be in the air too. you can place your hands aside with your legs but you do not have to touch the legs. Repeat this exercise 5 times in a row. take a break for 5 seconds and continue it again.  it will strengthen your muscles, your legs, and your back. it will remove your pain from your back and will also reduce your belly.



This pose looks like a chair and also a focus pose which straightens the spine, pull the abs and strengthen the hips and tights. but you do not have to do this if you have a back or knee injury and should avoid it. For doing this, stand up straight with your hands in the air then bend your knees like you are sitting in the chair and raise your hand above your head. Breathe normally as you do. do this at least for 40 seconds and continue it for 22 minutes. you can take the break for 5 seconds in between.

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