7 Pieces Of Equipment You Need to Open Easy Home Gym

If going to the gym daily is hard because road takes an hour of you. And you are a working man and you can not manage the time, so here is the best chance for you to build your own gym at home.

If you have the space for the gym at home, So you can easily make it. A home gym does not take too much space. either In today world, people are so busy to go to the gym for their fitness and make abs. But here we have brought you an amazing idea where you can make a gym at home in your garage or in an empty room. Here we tell you what pieces of equipment you need for the home gym.

So have you made the decision to build a gym at home? or in your room? is yes, then read the article below. Here we tell you what tool you basically need.Dumbbells


Look for hex shaped dumbbells which are coat with black rubber. The exercises with dumbells seem endless. These Hex shaped dumbells with black rubber last the longest and are very comfortable for working out. Make sure its weight is 3 to 5 set in a range for just different exercises and for the strength you want to gain.


Kettlebell movements are similar to a dumbbell. Kettlebell movements are unique, but some Kettlebell movements just work better or some are more challenging. They are important to add them in a gym because they variety they can add to your workout routine. For best kettlebells, they should be worth big smooth handles and should be with out painted coating. This is the best piece of equipment to need in the gym at home.

 3.Pull Up Bar

Pull Up Bar are not just use for pull ups. IF you want more gymnastic exercises to practice so you can do more exercise with this pull-up bar if you have installed it at home. You can set the system of these to pull up bar for doorways, or any part of a wall where you can mount a bar. Another thing like resistance band you can buy if you can not do pull ups. This is the best piece of equipment to need at home for a gym.


Another equipment you need at home for a gym is Rings. rings are light weight and it is the best thing for bodyweight exercise. these rings are great for the home gym or for traveling too. By adding a whole lexicon of gymnastic exercises rings also give you the ability to increase the variety in your workouts. Get a branded rings that are light in weight and easy to hang.

 5.Jump Rope

If you have not tried jumping rope since you were a kid then it will be little difficult for you to perform the exercise with jumping rope. At the start, it turns out harder but then it looks cool and fantastic. it works in coordination in a big way. if you are a bigger you will take some time. and if you have a jumping skill, Then take a light jumping rope to work in speed or take a weighted rope to work on strength.

 6.Medicine Ball

A great piece of equipment of gym is medicine ball. medicine ball has many essential purposes like core strength. Whether you throw it, carry it or do more abdominal kind of exercises with it, a medicine ball provides you many options. Look for a soft and smooth medicine ball so you will be comfortable with doing the exercises like carrying it or catching it. But be sure about its speed and power use it carefully.

 7.Weight Plates

You need some weight plates for more variety in exercise. But some weights like – 2.5#, 5#, 10#, 25# or if you are strong the but #45 plates. And make sure to get the bumper plates.

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