7 Simple Tips to Make your Hair Longer and Stronger

 Are you missing your long hair? Or you want to grow your hair cut which you hate? So do not you worry, here we have brought you some cool tips which will grow your hair and make them stronger, thicker. Hair is associated with beauty, which is why most women want long hair to increase their beauty and charms.

Tips For Faster Growth Of Hair

 1.Massage Your Scalp

Daily give yourself a scalp massage for 20 minutes. Do massage with your fingertips smoothly. It is the best tip for growing your hair and making them stronger and thicker. it stimulates the blood pressure flow. Heat a coconut oil and do massage with it. You can use other oil for massage.

 2.Trim Your Hair

Trim your hair every three months and trim the split ends of your hair. Timing your hair grow the growth and health of hair. If you have had a split ends, you what a nuisance it can be, especially who have dry and damaged hair. Trimming does not mean that cut your hair too short it just means just trim the ends of hair. It grows the hair faster and thicker and also remove the splits of hair.

 3.Lower Your Stress Levels

Are you taking special care of your hair, or taking proper diet and still not seeing the result? well, here is the best tip, you just avoid the stress. your high-stress level causes the hair damage and you lose all of your hair. Stress is the common cause of hair fall. You can avoid stress by doing yoga and stress relieving exercises regularly. You have to take eight hours sleep daily.

And do something that relaxes your mind like reading a book or listening to your favorite songs etc. You also need a comfy bed and pillow for healthy hair and to release your stress.

 4.Drink Water

Drink at least eight glasses of water daily for the better result. Drinking water is not just for the entire body but also strengthen your hair and make them longer. water helps the body function properly. Drinking water removes the bacteria from inner-body which damage the hair roots. You have to drink more and more water for best result and you can feel the best result in a week.

 5.Never skip your conditioner

You have to conditioner your hair after taking bath. A good conditioner helps your root hair and protect the protein inside the hair. conditioner makes hair soft and makes them moisturize and prevent them for dryness. Using shampoo is not the best thing but conditioner they can stop your hair fall and make the roots thicker. skipping the conditioner is a big no. massage your scalp for 30 seconds with a good conditioner. And then rub the hair in the wrong direction. You will see your hair grow.

 6.Never, wrap your hair in a massive towel

Wrapping your hair in the massive towel which causes so much breakage. Women always wrap it too tight around their face and then your hair gets caught in all the woven fibers because first, it damages the baby hair around your face. So never try to wrap your hair in a towel too tightly or stay away from a towel.

 7.Do a cold-water rinse at the end of each shower

This is the best tip, it really helps in growing your hair and keep them long, healthy and stronger. Coldwater lays down the upper layer of hair smoothly which helps in moisturizing, which prevent the loss of moisture and reduce the heat damage. You have to do it for a few second. Use will see the difference because this one extra step can make a big difference.

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