How to Gain Weight Naturally just a Week

If you are trying to increase your weight. Then you must know how to gain weight. Gaining weight is equally difficult to losing weight.  it requires the same amount of dedication as it required during the process in your weight loss. And if you are looking for a step to gain loss in a week so you are in the best place. Here we will tell you how to get fat in a week.

 1.Double your food amount to increase weight

Although this sound seems easy who eat a lot when it comes to practice it’s quite difficult. But for some people it is easy. In it will be hard but in few days you will get used to it. The best tip is you have to take food three times a day. with this, you have to double your food amount. You will face extra food in a week. like you will take 500 calories per day. And it will be like you gain one pound weight in a week. Make sure that whatever you are taking it should be healthy not like foods which damage your health.

 2.Drink lots of water to stay hydrated

Water plays a very important role in increasing your weight. To stay healthy during gaining weight it is very necessary and important to give your body enough liquid. Drink half 12 glasses of water which hydrated your body. And keep your muscles strong.

 3.Add more protein to your diet to increase muscle weight

Protein helps in increasing weight so adding more proteins to your diet is very important especially if you are gaining weight. Proteins help in building the muscle and make your body look more toned and fit. You will look and feel strong if you take more proteins in your daily diet. the best common sources of proteins are cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, Milk, soy milk, eggs, fish, beans, tofu, etc.

 4.Add lots of cream to get fat

The cream is highly healthy and it gains weight in days. It contains high calories. You can add cream to any dish, cream adjusts with any dish. Like cream in coffee, in breakfast, on bananas, strawberries etc.

 5.Eat a potato every day to get fat

For increasing weight, you have to take a potato daily. All types of potato are filled with calories high level. Eat one potato before going to bed and it will not lose your carbs that you have taken. You can make fry chips or you can add in a burger or you can fry it in any other dish.

 6.Banana and Milk

Bananas are full of calories which contain the high amount of carbohydrates and also a large amount of potassium which give you energy. who wants to gain weight they must have to eat a banana daily in the morning with a glass of warm milk. You can also add a spoon of sugar in it which helps you more in getting fat. Moreover, you can eat also eat the banana in other time of the day.

 7.Eggs gain the weight

Everyone knows that eggs contain a good amount of fat, calories, and protein which are the most popular ingredients for weight gain and to increase your weight. Eating egg whites every day can give you strong muscles and protein and energy. For best result eat more egg whites than egg yolk. Which increase the level of your cholesterol.


As Cheese comes in many delicious varieties so you can add it to your favorite dish. it has the best natural benefits of milk. Cheese contains a high amount of Coristol. Cheese can add 69 calories, and it contains protein, calcium, and fat which increase your weight in a week.

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