How to Get Rid of Torticollis Naturally at Home

Get Rid of Torticollis

Torticollis is very painful and annoying. But how to get rid of torticollis? Let’s see the conclusion and what is the natural and faster remedies are here to get rid of torticollis.

Everyone knows the side effects of medications but much simpler natural remedies can draw your attention to provide you benefits to get rid of this pain. And you can also apply this to affected children.

It is said that Surgery is the best solution for treating torticollis. but you can also try to treat it at home for reducing the pain for some time to see the result that it is reducing the pain or not.

The treatment of torticollis neck can do with messages and also with some physical therapies and some unique stretching exercises that help in loosen the muscle and help in better movement of the neck.

Try to stretch the neck muscle. Apart from that, You can apply heat packs which help in reducing the pain.

Method 1.

Do Exercise of the neck muscles slowly. Then slowly rotate in your neck in a circular motion to stretch out the affected muscles.

It will be somewhat uncomfortable at first, but it will help to reduce the pain.

Move your neck slowly back and so forth. Stop the movement if you feel any pain. The motion of your neck will improve the pain and more you give motion to your neck back and forth.

Then move your neck from side to side. As in the first exercise, Motion of your neck will improve the more you move your neck.

Method 2.

If you do work in front of the computer and sitting in front of it for a long time.

Then you have to take regular breaks to change the positions of your self.

While you flex and move in circulation your shoulders and turn your head from side to side.

Do not do any sudden head movements because it will give more pain so try to keep your shoulders down.

Take an ice cube and put an ice cube in a plastic bag and do rotate it in circular motions on your neck.

During this condition do not drive any thing because it will not be possible for you to get a full view of the traffic coming from behind you.

Method 3.

  • Take a shower.

Take a shower with lukewarm or hot water to run over your neck for at least five or six minutes.

Keep your neck straight as you can, and do not turn it here and there. It will relax your muscles and will straighten your muscles.

Method 4.

  • Get a massage.

First, do consult with your doctor before getting any massage for the pain because if it has been taking the pain for long period then consultation with a doctor is important.

Studies show that taking a massage for neck pain is useful. Massage give pressure inside the muscles and it is better in offering a higher pressure to muscles.

Do Hydrotherapy or water therapy is also effective. Like we said that hydrotherapy is done at home in the shower. It targets the neck with warm water. Repeat this how much you can.

You can also get a massage with different oils or you can rub alcohol. Oils like tea tree, lavender, which heal the muscles. Rubbing the alcohol can be cold at the start but it gets warmer. it is effective and act like a balm.

Method 5.

  • Apply hot salt.

Another best remedy to get rid of the painful neck is applying hot salt on the affected area. Wrapped the hot salt in any cloth and apply it on the neck for few minutes. You can also do massage with hot salt. But make sure massaging with hot salt is slowly.

All the best method of get rid of torticollis.

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