Top 10 Best Benefits of Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest foods lists. One baked potato contains 438% of whole day vitamin A, 37% vitamin C and potassium, iron and calcium too. It is beneficial like more vegetables, especially carrots. The major source of sweet potatoes is they protect the skin. sweet potato has more potassium than banana like 28%.

Sweet potatoes can adjust with every vegetable, you can cook it with many delicious ways. Here are top 10 recipes of sweet potatoes.

 Benefits of sweet potatoes.

They contain vitamin B6 which reduces the chemical homocysteine. Homocysteine is linked to diseases like heart attacks.

They contain vitamin C which is important for cold diseases like the flu virus. Vitamin C plays an important role in a body like it strong the bone and tooth, it helps in digestion and blood cell formation. It also helps in wound healing, and maintain the skin young.  It reduces the stress level.  And reduce the risk of cancer.

It contains iron and helps in a healthy immune system. It promotes the energy level. It helps in red and blood cell, resistance to stress and maintain the metabolism system.


The best dish you can make from sweet potatoes is, you can roast them with red bell peppers and for a delicious flavor then place arugula and sprinkle with white balsamic vinegar. You can also add goat cheese and chicken with more delicious taste.


With the help of the blender, you can easily make creamy soup from sweet potato and carrot soup. for the more best taste, you can add grilled chicken in it or more vegetables.


Take one potato and them in small batches. include some chili powder, sugar and cumin and crunchy chips will be ready. Cut them in a thin slice and fry it.


Have you tried these sweet potato wedges? No, then go baked it in an oven and add some rosemary for best taste. They are lower in fat than fried chips. So eating this will be never gain your weight.


Easy and best method for eating sweet potatoes is you can fry them just like another potato. Add cayenne pepper and smoked paprika and little bit salt and enjoy your supper.


This will be the dreamy dessert, and its flavor is love. sweet potato cheesecake is low in fat and calories and it has extra fibers.

 7.Grilled Sweet Potato Fries

The simple and easy way of making is grilled sweet potatoes. This dish is perfect in summers. Put them on a grill for 3 minutes each side and add some salt. your best-grilled fries are ready.  These fries contain the high level of vitamins A and C.

 8.Sweet Potato Dessert

Time has come for dessert, Try these sweet potatoes with wheat bread and Greek yogurt and add some rich honey. It tastes will be delicious. It will never gain your weight because sweet potatoes are rich in protein and fiber, yogurt reduces the fat, and honey add more health in it.

 9.Sweet Potato with Spread

It is easy to make a perfect dish. just bake the sweet potatoes and mash with curry and Greek yogurt. This will be perfect as a spread or side dish. Serve it with garnish for a simple and delicious meal.

 10.Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potato

This recipe is full of entire healthy meal and ingredients. it is easy to make, roast sweet potatoes for about 20 minutes and cook the chicken for 25 minutes. then sliced red onion and fresh lime juice and serve it with spinach.


All the benefits of sweet potato are suitable for your health.

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