Top 10 exercises to do at home for fitness

Life can get busy, we found exercise difficult when we are busy. Everyone is familiar with every exercise but they do not do because they want some proper space and proper time. But here we will tell you some best exercises for fitness which you can do it at home.

The best workout is always difficult and no one can take out their time if they are busy in their offices and at homes. But here we have best exercises which will make you fit like best workouts and will maintain your body fit like other who do exercise at gyms.


The push-up is a classic exercise. Doing a push up the entire body burns a significant amount of calories and as well as tightens the chest muscles and make you fit.

Get down and place your hands on the floor, close your feet together. lower your body until chest touches the floor and then push you back to the starting position. Doing this daily, you will lose calories and will be fit.

Top 10 exercises to do at home for fitness


This exercise tightens the legs muscles, and make them stronger. For doing this your knee will be straightened against resistance.

stand in front of any bench or chair or sofa. and step your right foot on the chair then place it down and place the left foot up on the chair. do this exercise again and again.  keep your chest up, keep your weight balanced.


The bridge is the perfect exercise and they also keep your back healthy and release the pain from a back.

lay down on the floor the bent your knees and raise your hips from the floor. pause in the position for 5 seconds then lower your body back to the starting position. Do this exercise daily.

  4.Shoulder Stand

There are many benefits of Yoga. Doing a shoulder stand exercise will decrease your stress level. Do this exercise every night when going to bed. Do stand on your shoulders and up the legs with the help of wall for 5 minutes.

Lie down and up your legs and hips against the wall. place your hands behind your back and straighten your legs in the air. keep your neck relaxed. try to hold it for at least 10 minutes then come back again to your normal position.

it will make you fit and will strengthen your shoulders and back.



Never look for a big place. if you have a room you can continue your exercise in the room. You just need to do running for 5 minutes. then take a break after 5 minutes and start your running again. it loses calories and make your legs stronger and reduce your fat level.


Lie down on the floor and put your hands on the floor and push your self up with the help of hands and up your hips in the air. Make sure your knee is not touching the floor.

Then push your self up then down your body. then do this exercise again and again continuously for 10 minutes. after that take a break and start it again. do this at least for 30 minutes. at the start, you will feel pain but it will stronger your back and shoulders.

If any one has back problem they can do it daily routine when they are going to bed. it will reduce your back pain and it is a guarantee you will never feel pain in back again.


it seems new but it is more effective exercise ever. for this laid down on the bed and both legs up in the air and make them in the position like your are cycling. it will strengthen your legs and you will never feel pain in the legs from the day you start this.

  8.Chair Dips

take a chair and sit on the edge of the chair, with the hand next to it.  just put your hand on the chair and another body just touches the chair. then punch up your self against the chair and push down. but make sure while doing this your hips will never touch the floor. it will keep your arms fit and strong.

  9.Side Plank

this is the secret weapon for tightening your body. Lie on the left side with your knees. push your body against the floor with the help of your hand. make sure your knees are straight. hold this position for 30 seconds then turn on the right side and again do this exercise for 30 minutes to make the balance.


  10.Up and Down

This is also called bullet moves. just stand on your foot and tight it with each other, then sit and then up your body against the floor. Do this up and down for 30 seconds then open your foots and then get down and get up and continue it for more 30 seconds. repeat this again and again. it stronger your legs and you back.

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